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I’m the current design and comms caretaker for Migrants In Culture, a collective of culture workers organising against the UK’s hostile environment.


We’ve worked with Migrants Organise to develop a toolkit for their Solidarity Knows No Borders coalition, you can access it here


I’m available for digital drawing commissions like these illustrations made for a text about Sex With Cancer, these strike assets for UAL UCU or these cards for Hadley paper goods.

I think art schools are exploitative pyramid schemes and yet I often take temporary teaching jobs to pay the rent. I also enjoy co-facilitating independent spaces for teaching and learning.


Mirjam Bayerdoerfer and I are looking for a distributor to reprint our 2016 indy hit: Teaching for People Who Prefer Not To Teach, published with AND. You can read the PDF here


Sofia NiaziLisa Rahman and I run Rabbits Road Press seasonal schools. Follow Rabbits Road Press to find out about the next public one.

I’ve been self-publishing since I was five. It’s the most pleasurable and nerve-racking activity I can imagine, especially when done in non-competitive collectives.


Ben MessihSadie St Hilaire and I are currently working on The Big Family Press together. You can hire us for child-led riso printing workshops and buy our stuff


Every year, I make a workbook. It’s a review of a year’s worth of work and life. You can order them here (online shop link coming soon).

I grow vegetables and art, both very slowly and seasonally. 


I used to do a lot of social practice art commissions, but stopped after a burn out in 2020. One of the last gigs I completed was this exhibition at Kunsthalle Osnabrueck which included a chicken coop and contributions from Teresa Cisneros, Joon Lynn Goh, Sahra Hersi, Kerri Jefferis, Jean Joseph, Sarah Jury, Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin, Lisa Rahman, Nicola Singh, Sam Whetton. 


This is a text about faking orgasms from 2017, which I wouldn’t exactly write like this again, but it still captures my feelings about working in the arts. 

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