How does this country work?

is a question you might be asking yourself at the moment. It's also the title of a series of workshops, field trips and conversations on political literacy which I've co-hosted and organised since July 2017. 


How does this country work?

meets every second Wednesday at Rabbits Road Institute at 7.30 pm, after the Rabbits Road Press Open Access riso printing sessions. 

For each term, we compile a long list of big questions and invite experts who might be able to help us find the answers. It's a bit like googling, just more active and social.


How does this country work?

is a very friendly group of people who vote left, right and centre. Don't worry if English isn't your first language or if you know nothing about politics - we're all learners. The classes are free to attend and you don't need to book. We always have food and drinks in the beginning and make time for introductions. 


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Thanks to Laura Owen of Rabbits Road Institute, Sophie Mallett, Dan Scott, Hettie O'Brien, Rose Gibbs, Ruth Beale and all the guest speakers who have supported this project from the start. The first classes in Margate and London were supported by Resort Studio and Create, but currently this project is subsidised by other paid jobs.

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